Granite Crossword No.63
(An edited version of this crossword first appeared in 'The Beat' - a magazine produced for the British Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai)
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Bird before I drink (7)
Condiment from first Chinese hut with part of body, we hear (7)
10 Compare most of lip with short Kenneth (5)
11 Average father, right? (4,5)
12 Place to stay in macho telethon (5)
13 Gas me when clutching Ethan (7)
15 Company put roe all over the place (6)
17 Polite maids, for example, working for the government? (5,8)
20 Embarassed and stolen at a very high temperature (3-3)
21 Brings in devil, or returns saint (7)
25 So, a Catholic leader comes before sun-god in TV or radio drama (4,5)
26 Ornament in wide corridor (5)
28 Fetch a higher price, not in a prison room, we hear (7)
29 Flagging or lauding, perhaps (7)


Put me back twice, with half-blot inside - a distinctive design (6)
Long journey starts to turn revolutionary English King (4)
Capital of 6 before Anne came back (6)
Offend Sid, coming up with delight (9)
It sounds like you for international leader - a feeling of great elation (8)
Teacher in second farm vehicle, with a slight change inside (10)
A thick string company backs doctor (4)
"Shaken", Ledley cried (6)
14 A fraction do with this type of insurance! (5,5)
16 Easily annoyed by new tribal ire (9)
18 These have the same atomic number - is zero highest at east and south? (8)
19 Forces moving wall painting? (6)
22 One who loves the rules has domestic animal without boy (6)
23 Walked to Shanghai first, then stepped east (6)
24 Distribute a business transaction? (4)
27 Friend of much change? (4)


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