Granite Crossword No.62
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Soft number - a negative (5)
10 Spur on our entry into English point competition, opening before time (9)
11 That which is behind (a car) (7)
13 Satisfied with what's inside? (7)
14 I leave eerie Welsh setting for another place (9)
15 Get in gear! (5)
16 Relative gets 1,000 these days (7)
19 Parts of the body that one could eat, we hear (7)
22 A non-general number? (5)
24 A never-ending toughness of character takes men to debates (9)
26 Recipe which might come before one? (7)
27 Neither sharp nor flat (7)
30 Tell it in South America - easily first to the moon, say (9)
31 Sorcery displayed by mother, soldier and Common's leader! (5)


Catch sight of Mark (4)
Information from some bod at AOL (4)
Came after silly little fool to get married! (8)
Extent of qualification (6)
Reportedly, I yell at cold stuff (3,5)
Turn in, embarassed without being destroyed (6)
Are we in France? It's 50-50 - goodbye! (8)
Those looking into our traps? (8)
12 Monarch going straight? (5)
16 Hold figs wrongly for swimmer (8)
17 Account of clergyman is precise (8)
18 A small drink above the top of the house, say, is spectacular! (8)
20 Former moments, i.e. not new, perhaps (8)
21 Run from a minor actor! (5)
23 Universal Dolly crashes, in a way that makes lots of noise (6)
25 Shot golden nugget, partly returning (6)
28 Starts to rely upon good stair-carpets (4)
29 Mad engine (4)


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