Granite Crossword No.61
(This crossword first appeared in the October issue of the National Student newspaper)
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Move stealthily south, before Kane has another look (5)
Get in - in French, Eric's lively (9)
10 Church - true grain? (6)
11 Most fortunate cults Ike produced (8)
12 Brought out dress set when moving (8)
13 Completed some love rituals (4)
15 Large first year intake of nothing? Look for science! (7)
17 Is Student's Union good when taking in and giving out? (7)
20 Part of the world is brought up in a note (4)
22 Record about soldier, saint and queen (8)
25 Water edge, surrounding universal home for fish? (8)
26 Didn't remember to do without time (6)
27 Places with the best view of art? (9)
28 Produces brands? (5)


Hesitant international body destroys a cretin (9)
Parting with freshers at 6 - "are we learners?" (8)
Let in and incorporated lustful reports (7)
Cherished, as a metal might be (8)
Next to live dies out (6)
Opening trees, trees opening (5)
First lecture in the morning's "charity" (4)
14 Seven pole-dancing letter holders (9)
16 Large ice sections, initially moving, not English? (8)
18 Increase flow towards the source? (8)
19 Attempted to take 2000, then cut back (7)
21 Constant horses (6)
23 Present soldier with newspaper (4)
24 The same peer? (5)


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