Granite Crossword No.60
(An edited version of this crossword appeared in the July edition of 'The Beat', a magazine produced for the British Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai)
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Please note: 8 across is 6 letters long, not (6,5) - sorry for the error.


Hurries and ushers out (6,5)
Dialect of fruit? (8)
10 Stringed instrument cut short, hence losing head with intense force! (8)
11 Monarchs, for example, are useful for keeping straight! (6)
12 Rebels from Shanghai initially going after increase in pay (5)
13 Quick drawings hidden in casket chest (8)
16 Xian Sou might be uneasy (7)
17 See one who sees? (7)
20 Cleverly with lots of light? (8)
22 Short cheese (loud) (5)
24 Bring in a bit of chimp or tiger (6)
26 Agile performers - flying creatures following a crow, almost (8)
27 Rescue vessel, albeit of new formation (8)
28 Most recent Los Angeles exam (6)


Player of note? (8)
She comes before broken ringlet, providing refuge (10)
Employing universal talk (5)
Huge? I am, with guys from southeast (7)
Full of vigour, making green tie in front of Chinese leader (9)
Part of Shanghai likely to see falling ice? (4)
Ferocious section of scruffier cedar (6)
14 Give, but almost being contrite outside (10)
15 Something found in Marks? (9)
18 Small, small exam is most sugary (8)
19 Song, for example, from empty day - awful! (7)
21 Stay with a miner, perhaps (6)
23 Endings of short letter you scrawl very sincerely (5)
25 Done eggs, we hear (4)


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