Granite Crossword No.5
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Robotlike gold cat in the loft, it sounds like (9)
Stop a person including the Guardian, say (5)
Sounds come back without second sitting (7)
10 Contracts for nitrogen weapons (7)
11 Ways out in mid-dress (6)
12 Retrieval that every orc makes (8)
14 Tilt Joseph, without hesitation (4)
15 Mathematical instrument in favour of vehicle (10)
18 Tart action spoilt pulling power (10)
20 Drop everything on Friday! (4)
23 Flowers defeat manic mobs outside (8)
24 Growing teacher comes back in middle-age (6)
26 Joy of French luminosity (7)
27 Twister returns at a party, or nothing initially inside (7)
28 You don't finish twice, then you get small toys (2-3)
29 Dissimilarities surprising or scant when good man is inside (9)


Untidy USA - a trial country (9)
Stops us making unpredictable events (4-3)
First men without help (6)
Very small team in New York, initially (4)
Meeting regarded as a normative example (10)
Individual for each child, Alex (8)
Dissent over professional exam (7)
Try us out - we're out of practice (5)
13 Numerical calculations?A Red Indian thought he might eat toffee in class initially! (10)
16 Pious, silly girlie is nothing to America (9)
17 Food that South Africa and America have for a long time (8)
19 Telly or silly thing to put your shopping in (7)
21 Manila's odd beasts (7)
22 6 across reflector (6)
23 Sinbad lying disguised being not well (5)
25 Shock a French saint first (4)


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