Granite Crossword No.59
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The majority of French on the inside are humble (6)
Shops in Harrods to restock (6)
Redhead girl without American language (7)
Portion of a book's journey (7)
11 Extra plus for little Alexander (10)
12 Starts to let in evil students - they're not true! (4)
13 Exonerate some tragic learner (5)
14 Contrary to Pope is failure (8)
16 Company show-off takes a thousand for writer of music (8)
18 Lubricated love? I was first! (5)
20 Somewhere to sit for head of Society (stupid oaf!) (4)
21 Exaggerating good news at first, if negative principle of Chinese philosophy appears in magazine (10)
23 Gently hitting at can, within parental guidance (7)
24 New year illuminated inside for the truth (7)
25 Somehow sees 90 spare (6)
26 Remained a first year in Ted's confusion (6)


Shape of fungus? (5)
First degree is similar to aversion (7)
Europeans lift sewer in health resorts (9)
Dog track? (5)
Outcomes of student's union Lieutenant entering about second (7)
Proposed guests almost edge off (9)
10 Confine without belonging to you and me to inspire (9)
13 Colour that might be preceded by milk? (9)
15 Striking ten in chaos after formal dance (9)
17 1down-able final in short photo (7)
19 Faithfulness of toy ally, perhaps (7)
21 Negative student body that I'm up before (5)
22 Wrote down "famous" (5)


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