Granite Crossword No.58
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No time to tease southern relatives (5)
Resist change, enshrouding middlemen after my secrets (9)
10 Boy wears most of vest, breaking what it doesn't have (6)
11 Drunk doubles without first reaching for large stones (8)
12 Health facility tips up in headless group of fish (8)
13 Follow up small idols (4)
15 Coastal disease is disastrous (7)
17 Protracted your old following - the French at first no good (7)
20 First lady provided oriental existence (4)
22 Idealistic man in round opening of the ear (8)
25 Prison food? (8)
26 Reportedly, you smell a brilliant discovery (6)
27 Desire completely, if all goes well (9)
28 Poet puts vessel in empty vehicle (5)


Powerful vehicle for animal that sleeps? (9)
Tries to put politician in a sort of t-test (8)
Slob (my son) returns signs (7)
Fight a battle (8)
Dealt with commercial in the red? Not he! (6)
Rages about part of the engine (5)
Finest bighead set off (4)
14 Psychiatrist in middle-age is getting smaller! (9)
16 Some had read "Full Throttle" - it's terrible (8)
18 Giving our genes new order (8)
19 Regular 12 attendant? (7)
21 No Princess on the outskirts of former PM's country (6)
23 Mulder's first eye-opening alien encounter (4)
24 Car, or it's test to start off with (5)


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