Granite Crossword No.57
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Inspected "times a million", dine out after last case (8)
Educate fish? (6)
10 Original Tree Street (5)
11 Ageless, soft German - not good before eye-opening books! (9)
12 Prisoner returns art, good man initially spots differences (9)
13 Separated for a time, without equality (5)
14 Reptile is reportedly in fat (6)
15 Observed books in French city at the beginning of December (7)
18 Anne and Germaine reported to be even more furious (7)
20 No pars creating rims (6)
22 God before final creation: a prickle (5)
24 Interpret crazy rants, dead (9)
25 Move rear gully every day, perhaps (9)
26 Central drinking establishment comes before Queen (5)
27 Bothers to put girl before headless boys (6)
28 Same production, without certain quantities (8)


Result of very loud entry into Crete explosion - not right! (6)
Called in a hoop for setting up (9)
Purpose to take Roundhead and a friend all over the world! (15)
Former partner sat unprotected (7)
Changed 100 charities' (not one) racist traits (15)
Musical drama workage? (5)
English double-up outside bird's scope (8)
Pen is in professional bearing (6)
16 Company number right to take thanks for vessel (9)
17 Cabaret I sorted out for microorganisms (8)
19 Come back to spin again? (6)
20 Study new lane, say (7)
21 Faze brass section with animals (6)
23 Eye instrument? (5)


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