Granite Crossword No.56
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Nothing in a place to live is not submerged... (6) here? (8)
10 Tendencies of angels in storm (8)
11 Time to give out soft paper (6)
12 Takes duck on board ship (6)
13 Be against it on the inside? On the contrary! (8)
15 Looked up to some climbing alder - I'm daring! (7)
17 The closest are in a home (7)
20 Holder of tape ready before time in case... (8)
22 ...bloke gets a good extra first run (6)
23 Creature of prides, perhaps (6)
25 Tory leader rents without it turning back a decade (8)
26 A game of vile dance? (8)
27 Not having PR stops things happening! (6)


Had an impact on court in a very loud, rising river (8)
Edges of "jump" sign (10)
Hurts good man with funny gins (6)
Love in spas? Nothing unusual! (7)
Manifold animal left hint inside (8)
Members of "Charm Squad" (4)
Month of the gold wind? (6)
14 Fortify head of Government in river, with second animal on the outskirts (10)
16 Never-ending without ten on the outside (8)
18 Advises Gus to return with non-universal visitors (8)
19 Rich in iron without bringing up unit of capacity (7)
21 How's that attractiveness? (6)
22 First Aid embraced by soldiers (6)
24 Some made epigrams low in pitch (4)


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