Granite Crossword No.55
(an edited version of this crossword first appeared in The Beat - a magazine produced for the British Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai - in June)
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"Drug", heard female star character (7)
10 Get the better of, or not inside (7)
11 Those who cry, perhaps, with new start for criminals (7)
12 Smooth, like a river? (7)
13 Sly labels forming parts of words (9)
15 Reported part of the absence of war (5,5)
16 In your view, disgusting business leader is back inside! (7)
19 Garments right out of chests (7)
20 Very warm at the Spanish place to stay! (5)
21 Personal cover? (9)
25 One inside half of college's officer (7)
26 Belt rim broke drum (7)
28 Sincere organ home (7)
29 Most enduring Lents go mad! (7)


Portions of southern animals (6)
British leader in test relating to groups of people (6)
Starts to bend injured knees, expecting something to ride (4)
Container ship? (6)
Befuddled head of commerce does fun? Ridiculous! (8)
Ambience of a Pom - there's unusual! (10)
Time off's holy, said creation! (8)
Ogre loses tail in iron advance (8)
14 Sam can, crashing with blue emergency 16down (10)
16 He returns in Clive's adaption for cars, say (8)
17 People making crosswords outside left colonists (8)
18 Sameness - English attribute? (8)
22 Pick up tab, let off for conflict (6)
23 Bigger drink - with bit of rum inside! (6)
24 Rents that could be painful for a non-athlete? (6)
27 1001 - the middle of Shanghai's dynasty (4)


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