Granite Crossword No.54
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First place team is right out for animals! (8)
Head of state has party in tree? Not very often! (6)
Grows girl in 500 cuts (8)
10 Filter a melody (6)
12 Ways of plane-stopping? (5)
13 Decorations, or handles with books inside (9)
14 Drink company for opening charge (6)
16 Most remote south-west town sends two English leaders to the end, with maiden in between! (7)
19 Partner hospital and university with southern music group (7)
21 Poems sheltered in "Mount Simple" (6)
23 Drape tent around, having a particular repeated design (9)
25 What may be thrown in for drying? (5)
26 Use me up - ply with inner love (6)
27 New zinc site subjects (8)
28 Hit second vehicle (6)
29 American tram-cars for putting shopping in? (8)


Held duplicate partly returning some water (6)
Creators of New Testament version, perhaps (9)
Finally, not quite reference book (5)
Blow up doll nearly coming up with soft entry into British river (7)
Roughy calculated stormy tides sheltering friend (9)
Haggard, northern part of hospital is over (5)
Attend to clergyman (8)
11 Joint first kid is born (4)
15 Skeleton of animal, with innards of newt, found in item of cutlery (9)
17 The Spanish "Stitch" in this place, or in another place (9)
18 Man with mostly short parts of book (8)
20 Absent without leave after party's over (4)
21 Pass away in messy drum - it's more grubby (7)
22 Shuts top of castle and is defeated (6)
24 In fact, a perfect wick (5)
25 Test pilot? (5)


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