Granite Crossword No.53
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The French remedy - taking time to initially recruit university worker (8)
Air-time returning without six unimportant details (6)
10 Spot - English secret agent? (4)
11 Astonished me with dog's back mutilation (10)
12 Part of a wheel - new, it's said (6)
14 Cheap, yet novel protection for the viewer? (3,5)
15 Vessel becomes rotten at side in half of Persia (6,7)
17 Make a million within an afternoon's refreshment? (5,3)
19 Push most of the corrosion (6)
21 First cook-book about pepper containing a decorative material (5,5)
22 Admonish Romeo in pale surroundings (4)
23 Indicate slang I misused (6)
24 Gift from party to country? (8)


Spoil me with second drink (4,2)
Remain in East Ayrshire? (4)
Ailing, or poorly first (8)
Thwart my return - in street, that is (6)
Miracles I'd performed for renunciation (10)
Muffler - no noise, right? (8)
Polish and English tramps move into bed that is approved (6-7)
13 Abduction of sleeping child? (10)
15 Picture left artist with it (8)
16 Exalt Ron in the "nearly new" turn first (8)
18 Drink some Asti, p-please (6)
20 Grows, or perhaps not - good grief! (6)
22 Power unit with a non-drinker? (4)


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