Granite Crossword No.52
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Most short beers fit when drunk! (8)
Mutu turning up in a new fall (6)
10 Circumstances of 100 vegetables taking the turning tide (almost) (10)
11 Uncommon for run-time to be over (4)
12 The Free-Ad production having plumage! (9)
14 Comes down by 9 seconds (5)
16 One talking at the top with hesitation, after stuttering at first (7)
18 Affected Mrs Ali and I alike (7)
20 Start to live on drink! (5)
21 Reportedly ruined fish shape (9)
24 A mode of transport, thanks to a football team? (4)
25 Instrument is in final song for orchestration (10)
27 Some clean edifices are slanted! (6)
28 Mostly, Bill and Terry produce awfully! (8)


Go over new furrow (6)
Turn little Benjamin with daughter! (4)
Blokes for Spooner's crazy Jenny (9)
Stroked a good man, OK, getting embarassed on the outside! (7)
Loud, drunken Elsa? It's not true! (5)
Hunger caused by a first-rate tax - one in operation after 'The Way' (10)
Covering many things, or just one person? (8)
13 Customs almost swap it with particles (10)
15 They hear ears (9)
17 Gets ready for quiet fixes, we hear (8)
19 Heavy with number (7)
22 One with not a friend outside might be this (6)
23 A lot of burdens (5)
26 Quiet number returning to vessel (4)


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