Granite Crossword No.51
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This crossword first appeared in the May edition of 'The Beat' magazine (at the British Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai). As such, the solution to 13/27 down will probably be unfamiliar to most - click here for the answer to that clue.

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Not using a machine, down Shanghai's development, missing nothing (11)
Identified setter in new commercial (5)
10 Spattering remains in second quiet fish (9)
12 Funny ape with Jeans from an Asian country! (8)
15 Cab thanks football team (4)
16 Strangely sad without initially difficult sums (4)
17 Scope of Iran, generally (5)
18 Reportedly hurry a country (6)
19 Killer-whale comes up to a ship, not down (6)
20 Time concealed river inside musical interval (5)
21 Moved swiftly (through the air?) (4)
23 A good editor is old! (4)
25 Squirmed with funny g-girl getting married outside (8)
28 Vessel to hold the Queen? (9)
30 Left to possess Chinese leader's first buffoon! (5)
31 Sid came back, attempted to surround but passed around (11)


Truthful part of rich one's testimony? (6)
Smells bad, and sings without words! (4)
Land for a rest? (3)
Existed, as after first war (3)
What you're hoping to do with Shanghai's first love, perhaps (5)
Give out children (5)
Profited from dealing crookedly? Not likely at first! (6)
Puts forward southern guest's adaptation, taking German capital (8)
11 Mathematical symbol for musical drama and hill (8)
12 Tool for dances at a first wedding (6)
13/27 Place in Shanghai - a 'Dragon Inn' - collapses with Juliet inside (7,4)
14 At a consistent rate, it delays reconstruction (8)
16 Business opening, in a way, is in a foreign country (6)
18 Official allows China's leader to enter, then meditates (8)
22 Brought in Eastern daughter after near disruption (6)
24 Doctor is without new 'King' beverages (6)
25 Envelops western music from Eminem? (5)
26 Victor's headless, but not on the outside! (5)
27 See 13
29 Steal from, or return to, Britain (3)
30 Complicated section of animal (3)


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