Granite Crossword No.50
This crossword first appeared in the May issue of The National Student newspaper
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Second issue causes offence (8)
Origins, say, of things to go with food? (6)
10 Shot off with drug at area of potential trouble (3,4)
11 Passed Lynam coming back with White (7)
12 Summarise funny caper! (5)
13 A hundred soldiers surrounding England - time for reconciliation! (9)
14 Rare invite surprising a new sort of doctor (12)
18 Without doubt, uni bedsit plan almost collapses (12)
21 Put a nearly nice Rhode Island inside, being strictly moral (9)
23 There it is love, hiding in a broken vial! (5)
24 Questionable university subject initially taken after bringing up mate I love (7)
25 A conflict in United Nations - Egyptian leader not knowing (7)
26 Girl, yet strangely without 14, shortly (6)
27 Put the emphasis on bringing up puddings? (8)


Ball in this place after initially students keep quiet (6)
Discover wide tectonic section (6)
Extra money for university to put Iron and Ecstasy in young dogs (3-2,4)
Not in anger, Souness displayed immoderacy (14)
A way in to mineral? (5)
Head of Cambridge returning company without items for improving beauty (8)
Making calm gnats die out? (8)
Stop education, perhaps, keeping cold place for your money (7,7)
15 Relieve Woody, nearly, by way of time and energy! (9)
16 Clearly left one lazily following MP (8)
17 Lovely daughter, or a bighead when taken by drink! (8)
19 Nearly discover a learner's important exams! (6)
20 Cigarette stump craze surrounding information (3-3)
22 Cat's tail and part of rat not in fish (5)


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