Granite Crossword No.4
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Draw out and poleaxe tart violently... (11) photo opportunity, as well (3)
Abe's nephew following reported pie in the sky (in control of a plane) (5)
10 Compile an odd pig (9)
11 Prices without stupid rant show differences (9)
12 Say "complete" (5)
13 Mashed up eel for first course is what Middle Eastern journalist has chosen (7)
15 Groups of TV's (4)
18 Fair destiny, we hear (4)
20 Help in a church regularly? (7)
23 Wash thoroughly inside disc rubber (5)
24 A show (or an American one for me) (9)
26 When strangely alone around MOT, I might be prone to tears (9)
27 Thick, of French North/South divide, lastly (5)
28 Proto-Indo-European dish (3)
29 Environmentally friendly homes, where plants are grown (11)


Likely to be pregnant with journalist (8)
Thanks to a 40-day period, Edward is skillful (8)
Thespian that Chirac tore into (5)
Conflicting work-dopes stirred (7)
Reference books at last (without end) for the mid-West! (7)
Come across meeting (9)
Cat ate nothing without English fruit (6)
Worsen new proprietors (6)
14 Shaking Berlin - GMT unclear (9)
16 Suit that is worth a lot of money? (8)
17 Umpires moved reefs before getting stuck in (8)
19 Cost of former partner's money, reportedly (7)
20 No wells become bloated (7)
21 Peel back as before, when not awake (6)
22 Aggro over concealed rut (6)
25 Tabloid article showed up medium for communication (5)


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