Granite Crossword No.49 - 2005 General Election special
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Takes away the enthusiasm, or the centre? (11)
Returning Labour party is even more strange! (5)
Run away with a fictional spy, without second bit of consideration (7)
10 Group of countries hiding in pub lock-in? (4)
12 Starts to anger Dutch in European Union? That's goodbye! (5)
14 Gave money to first politician with a 'yes' journalist (5)
16 100 go without a good split (8)
18 Healthy table is converted to shed that's been around for a while (4-11)
19 Flower gets Tory second place, taking Birkenhead East by 50 (8)
21 Squander a second (half) term after Wednesday! (5)
23 Let a Labour leader down? (5)
26 Some surprise, as Tories show direction! (4)
27 Authorise me to return control (7)
29 Language of party that doesn't get started without Galloway at first (5)
30 Substitute temple built with crane (11)


Lacks confidence, but somehow goes into parties! (6)
Bend stomach-first to work (5)
Age of Gerald? (3)
Tiny creature's credit? (4)
So, bringing up commercial drink? (4)
Harass odd rebel without illness (9)
With Lib Dems, he creatively left a mark (9)
11 A Spanish gentleman is Lab. oracle, perhaps (9)
13 Date surrounding England's massive ruin (9)
15 England left in first election postal disaster - sticky stuff! (9)
16 150 taking back conflict stroke (5)
17 Thermoplastic made from crude oil, with one side replaced with the other (twice) (9)
20 Most recent dead saint? (6)
22 The sea, gleaming, shrouds bird (5)
24 This dam is almost unearthly! (4)
25 Dupe French left, with nothing to love on the inside! (4)
28 Some bleary-eyed grass (3)


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