Granite Crossword No.48
This crossword first appeared in 'The Beat', a magazine produced by the British Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai.
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Aims to leave Al second (5)
Tasty slice I demolished with duo (9)
10 Temporary setback in greeting China's leader with trophy? (6)
11 I, in Paris, with a very bad, mistrustul vigilance (8)
12 Number reportedly in favour of new leader embracing support (8)
13 Go up to rebel leader that is without final profits (4)
15 Hung up, returning without a river in China (7)
17 Not much to eat as a snack? (7)
20 Examine Shanghai's first prison (4)
22 6 sit, or initially stand, for guests (8)
25 Fastened together cadet with hat perhaps (8)
26 Bite gently for two business leaders in long river (6)
27 Having control over poor inn taken in by heartless gang (9)
28 Find some of ammo under a pile (5)


Funny looking oily 'Quo' lads lacking commercial speech (to oneself) (9)
Particle as America decided to do in 1980 and 1984? (8)
Living outside Japan's first island city (7)
Awful East takes up gas to be different (8)
Flies with small (but important) number before large number? (6)
Explode, but outside of river banks finally (5)
Part of church, or part of chap's empire? (4)
14 Bird taking cat's tail is shocking! (9)
16 Hitting the drink in middle-age (8)
18 Bet on coming back OK, having taken nothing for writing in (8)
19 Funny dive into new net is obvious (7)
21 Persuades company with weapons (6)
23 Dynasty's first storyline's almost gone awry! (4)
24 Endured first parts of Shanghai's trade orders on demand (5)


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