Granite Crossword No.47
(This crossword first appeared in the April 2005 edition of the National Student newspaper)
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Draw in Student's Union with heartless crook (4)
I'm OK, said Monty's song (10)
10 Put to use a branch of mathematics? (7)
11 Display of bravery in not ending rave in graduate party (7)
12 Outermost, almost additional key setter (7)
13 Is set out without 6 coming back (6)
15 Drink up in hearltess, rocky sort of race (5)
16 Came after University College entered second church with new deed (9)
18 Not permitted, because offered (9)
21 Power for church (5)
23 Fights second game (6)
25 Part of Gavin's tan thrilled for a very short time (7)
27 Nothing in house ruler playing number 2? (7)
28 One more heron at wreck (7)
29 Wrongly screwed in new part of car (10)
30 Requests a king on board ship (4)


Vehicle which accepts far travelling? (10)
A large letter starts to cause a problem in the American law (7)
Naked university dean surprisingly lacks acceleration without woman's garment! (9)
Starts to believe in Brian, like endlessly famous book? (5)
See that lies are bad (7)
Modified dead Pat, perhaps (7)
Be acquainted with some punk? No way! (4)
Rise anew in my wretchedness! (6)
14 Escapades coming with sure failure (10)
17 Someone running or standing? (9)
19 A 100-company in Ronald's creature (7)
20 If your letters are in this, they're probably leaning to the right! (7)
21 Union somehow independent of NUS! (6)
22 Stretches pain in insides of dress (7)
24 Sweet stuff you reportedly put in flipping newspapers! (5)
26 Demonstrate how to follow a point (4)


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