Granite Crossword No.46
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Stupid (not at first) madness offence (7)
10 Memory of past, or a genealogy (7)
11 More obscene guys rant over sacking, so election's rolling heads! (7)
12 Clumsy bird losing head at battle on first day (7)
13 Withheld happiness from daughter - strangely blueness comes first (9)
15 A mid-Devon man of birds (5)
16 Brought church into defeat without a movement (7)
19 Eric - headless king, yet surprisingly unstable (7)
20 Bye - final extra - due with first innings collapse (5)
21 Creating brown Ikea plant (4-5)
25 A little hue outside is regular (7)
26 Fashionable team initially resenting one within organisation (7)
28 Expose a French fielder? (7)
29 Vegetation at this place surrounds pouch (7)


Gun goes off in mid-wicket's first fight - turn to unarmed combat (4,2)
Take in sailor's gold key (6)
Girl, as in Elsa's heart (4)
Sat with her torn suit (6)
Is queen without country? A Briton, perhaps (8)
People and funny church initially rile one carrying out traditional moves? (4-6)
A vile tax could be loosening the bowels! (8)
Catch up with refuse without Conservative leader's inclination (8)
14 Engine part that is, without 5, complete (10)
16 Flung out remains inside light provider (8)
17 Time to afflict second queue (8)
18 Large number returning, we reportedly put in the ground a bramble (8)
22 Chessman Kasparov at first takes dark (6)
23 Some animal debauchery coming back to chaos! (6)
24 Cared for run-up before first serve - was winning, but not initially (6)
27 Painful part of eyes or ears? (4)


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