Granite Crossword No.45
(This crossword first appeared in the March 2005 edition of the Nationl Student newspaper)
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Runner, say at the trouble without the French (7)
10 Ironies becoming louder (7)
11 One rides ones bike, one's in for journey's end with frozen spears (7)
12 Improve university parking degree (7)
13 Conceals troubles within slopes (9)
15 Witness head of department taking small money for drug (5)
16 Copper and theologian the French holds close (7)
19 Cunning without women, if given time with 15 (7)
20 Sum up island college's nice sounds (5)
21 Hard up and going out? Left initially inside making furrows (9)
25 What you'll be if always without rail disruption? (7)
26 Cost of version of windows in East seen crashing (7)
28 Piece of furniture I catch following taxi (7)
29 Attempts to destroy French forest (7)


Graduate is in new hospital bar (6)
High-pitched, quiet brook (6)
Went first up without a bargain (4)
Conservative and English, a first student journalist came to an end (6)
Searches after fashionable inquiries (8)
Dutch university housing is good - sulphur can get initially nauseating! (10)
Tissue fabric around match (8)
Mixing elfin and dry cordial (8)
14 Choices for second votes (10)
16 Compel to hold end of term Monday trade (8)
17 Give an account of violent college derbies (8)
18 See apart, perhaps? (8)
22 Old bishop saw, and did as he was asked (6)
23 Disregard backing part of "Summer on Gibraltar" (6)
24 Foolishly agrees to lubricate (6)
27 Blow up - flipping/very loud (4)


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