Granite Crossword No.44
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Alter commercial fair (6)
Acts for inside hair-waves (8)
Cyril and Ned creating solid shape (8)
10 Take on animal before another one returns (6)
11 Surprisingly, militias rise where things are alike (12)
13 Scale one's calls (6)
15 Excavation in... in... in... 1000 grams (6)
18 Preserving 100 renovations, perhaps (12)
21 Criminal, or returning books with hesitation (6)
22 Thrilling England with 90 not out, without one-time great opener (8)
23 Covers left a new king in stakes (8)
24 Pressed on into dire trouble (6)


Add up ICI accounts - initially new for one who 7ac, perhaps (8)
Good man, a help turning up for arenas (6)
Living thing's body part is minute (8)
Sounds negative, is the opposite (not initially) (6)
Clear space which makes it easy to see? (8)
Allow hesitation (minute) in hole in the earth (6)
Parents keep quiet when before The Word (4)
12 Declare cat-girl first (8)
14 Watches second entrances (8)
16 Time particle following - not a system of symbols (8)
17 Second-level small card game (6)
18 Taxis taking in huts (6)
19 One who suffers two boys (6)
20 Aim to leave everyone heartless (4)


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