Granite Crossword No.43
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This crossword is a tribute to the 36 of 1 down (MMV), when 31 25 17 8 5


Thread of first final defeat (5)
Dead, left out to go bad? (5)
Capital punishment finally out of Dutch traffic disruption (7)
10 Made, but without an African (5)
11 Conductor of orchestra beginning to enter and finally leave (5)
12 Pollute s-setter wearing animal (7)
16 Fake Lauren, perhaps? (6)
18 Odd bits of rain tree ceremony? (4)
19 I left house after job centre - the French place where potential fuel might be found (3,4)
20 Circle call (4)
21 Allow to be served again? (3)
22 Look hear you, I created Asian State! (9)
24 By way of victory, I attack at first (3)
25 Wager without a pound (4)
27 May guitarist return taking nothing before one's capital (7)
28 Attack right before help (4)
30 Young birds' scruffy towels (6)
33 Catch up in an each-way feeler (7)
36 Disgusting stuff left out loudly in interval (5)
37 I'm after organ cloth (for wearing) (5)
38 Briefly describe back 3 in part of rugby match moving to the front (7)
39 Fruit key with queen railway (5)
40 Directions in good type of music (5)


Shortest of 12 nearly bares fury violently (8)
One who possesses nothing with Emperor, almost (5)
Breathing help for young mammal as going back outside (5)
Flower is outside River Island (4)
Number in... in... in... second half comeback? (4)
A note read first at a distance (4)
I'd turned up outside hotel to return loin-cloth (5)
The Spanish regular football team? (6)
13 Cut Leo awfully with nothing in - in a manner of speaking (9)
14 Burden of limos lent foolishly (9)
15 Love-rat - one on after commercial worship (9)
17 Glen arranging a new dimension for country (7)
18 Give a new name to the French renegade on the outside (7)
23 Hoarding an animal without part of the leg (8)
26 Quiet, official sailor with parts made before assembly (6)
29 Deduce official Northern Ireland rising (5)
31 Country existed without the French (5)
32 Boredom universal in 5 performance (5)
33 A boat which might go after land when it's spotted? (4)
34 Volunteers "thanks" and "goodbye" (2-2)
35 A new turn before I initially lost part of finger (4)


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