Granite Crossword No.42
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Ridiculous bus crashes in a road (6)
Contrary to Pope is change (8)
One who can sell alcohol to parasitic insects seen elsewhere (8)
10 Headless hunted animal eats everyone - it's true! (6)
11 Sum it up after I make loan extra (10)
12 Might include redhead girl (4)
13 Dead end in day of French return (8)
16 Girl is reportedly an online animal doctor? (6)
17 Foreign Office returning 13 of an unborn baby (6)
19 Goes back in green, terse part (2-6)
21 Sea pipe? (4)
22 Be concise - I adapted field of knowledge (10)
25 Tear up without a fifty-fifty return for a supporter (6)
26 This way and that, creature surrounds new similar creature (almost) (2,3,3)
27 Grass - teaberry, perhaps (8)
28 Not that clever - returns daughter to empty leisure centre (6)


Gradually strengthen physique (5)
Part of parachute - risk to organs (5)
Fire Sid up with girl (7)
Love church, and taking in one nymph (7)
Herb players, perhaps (7)
Most unctuous military forces enter into smut - not posh! (9)
One who endures the French animal in rising source (9)
14 Serving to bring to mind England 5-0 Cuba at International - a famous day (9)
15 That which ensnares Brown in green mess left inside (9)
18 Freedom left head of Iraq - Bush starting (with England) to try again (7)
19 Animal, some Australian ones, and almost a flying one (7)
20 "Former mollusc going without", I cry out (7)
23 Fixed without maiden over (5)
24 Sea feature of river in fuel (5)


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