Granite Crossword No.41
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Consuming ground I've made (9)
Reptile company supporter (5)
Official officer? (7)
10 Top dog awake in 'Morse' alternative (7)
11 Extra sleep (more than once), that's in fifty-second surroundings (3-3)
12 About employment journalist made anew (8)
15 Test weapon up at Maidenhead (4)
16 Variation if French queen's in retreat with church (10)
19 Application of science for cogent holy development (10)
21 Competent sailor left England... (4)
24 nearly make hay with wife for years inside weapon (8)
25 Unusual exit? (3,3)
27 Sorted pure God out (7)
29 Doorman for a ball? (7)
30 Fabric returning river with time (5)
31 What could happen to one planet, perhaps (9)


Softening of French animal books caught inside (9)
Type of word, in French a plant (7)
Release a French worker (6)
Not doing anything, I led astray (4)
Fuel for a tennis player without a second identity at first (3)
100-up, reportedly tired of storage space (8)
Succession of pots in burglary (5-2)
Refrain from a five-nil ideal start with bad end (5)
13 Image of fruit in eastern heartless fairy (6)
14 Edge up and down cushion (6)
17 Strange celery - almost a lot of voting? (9)
18 Good from weapons happened without writer and without form (8)
20 Come out of cannabis dessert (7)
22 British inch or new tubes (7)
23 South African bird, reportedly god! (6)
24 Starts to take innocent Germans - how terribly mean! (5)
26 Assist a stake (4)
28 Princess and Prince go down (3)


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