Granite Crossword No.40
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What's in the newspapers - and might the tabloids be interested in them too? (7,7)
Cook because engulfed by decay (5)
10 Train in true English fashion (7)
11 Up and down - not well - in Hospital Yard (5)
12 Saw a key insides up (5)
13 Graze end of knee after fight (6)
15 Look at Eddie hiding girl! (4)
17 New flame with vessel, and French place to get second-hand goods (4,6)
20 Church or perhaps sister singers (10)
22 Reckless king has moved (4)
26 A mob without bishop is fit for ploughing! (6)
27 Be of use to a cover, we hear (5)
28 Don't stop talking for country? (5)
29 Bowler or Top, perhaps (7)
30 A district prize (5)
31 European football team losing an injury finally taking time to cover stopping and starting (14)


Fish vessel where vehicles are left (3,4)
Study suitable change again (7)
Book part of "Best Hero" range (6)
Cable left to break most of the cover (10)
Turn into cook rage! (4)
Dictator with gold to make sweetheart repeatedly missing (8)
Plunder country (not Italy) with fire (7)
Feel bitter about Mid-West, shown in tear (6)
14 Vessel to ban perhaps, when pointer is seen inside (6,4)
16 A quiet tree? (3)
18 Printing units in Harlem suburb (3)
19 6 once took the French aggression (8)
20 Rough track, say (6)
21 Enthusiastic reception from Ivan - too bad! (7)
23 A crazy, backwards insect is unyielding (7)
24 Advert I look up in outskirts of 11 with time off (7)
25 Cope with a new game that's complicated (6)
28 Good king before 1999 is unpleasant (4)


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