Granite Crossword No.3
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Recalls without the first two parts (7)
Exceptional places I smashed (7)
Spread mangled tapes (5)
10 Esroh - where a rider might be (9)
11 Choose president's small particles (9)
12 Tidy with the French in prison (5)
13 Returned Sega for a long time (4)
15 Haphazard tidiness asserted (8)
18 Endless trip, to fish and shape (8)
19 Go and attempt to score (4)
22 Unclear mid-Devon sickness (5)
24 Clear writer is English (9)
26 One who is nearby (in Australia?) (9)
27 Feel second eerie new sensation early, initially (5)
28 Engrossed deepest change (7)
29 Show (princess's show) (7)


Creation of Jim Henson up in confused temp (6)
Courier for green mess, organised (9)
Choose the chosen? (5)
Educating when hot (cool outside) inside new gins (9)
Kinds should reportedly in a ship (5)
Practices river crises, when moving (9)
Picture - "I'm A Good English Leader" (5)
Enjoying Lithium ruler (6)
14 The TARDIS? (9)
16 Harboured that woman, Lieutenant - e-embarrassed? (9)
17 Slushy, a moonlit evening, initially, sort of (9)
20 Steven's strange happenings (6)
21 Only me! I swear! (6)
23 Dirt in jug rim edge (5)
24 Stay clear of a space (5)
25 Band haven (5)


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