Granite Crossword No.39
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Some of those party pestering sorts! (5)
Put on grand soiree, losing concerning disruption (9)
Did our credit damage one inside? (7,3)
10 One time round a fancy clerical part (5)
13 Fight quarters resulting in grazes (7)
15 Follow the course (5)
18 See 21 Down
20 Figure independent one inside (4)
22 I, with hesitation, follow returning parts for antimony (7)
23 Undecided on including gym (4)
25 The two make a mess of copyright withdrawal (4)
26 Face impudence (5)
30 Continually annoying bird? (7)
33 Great-grandparent's first appearance in "Real Deal" (5)
36 Nose saint's ill-feelings (10)
37 In a decade when northeast lost pointless things (9)
38 Fly to new high! (5)


Hear DJ Folds (5)
Universal first raise put in for each cleaner (5)
Blue little devil within containing little excess (6)
Most senior Celts do without key change (6)
Insect fan finally put on a tank top (3)
Instant decapitation is uncertain (4)
Be up for wickedness! (4)
Part of member's posh second-class sodium (4)
11 In part of Saatchi collection? (4)
12 Bridge player ran off with Garner! (4)
14 Clearly defined policeman takes important person back (5)
16 Take away in bird (5)
17 Join the French out of stroke (4)
19 Lead a timeless beginning (4)
21/18 Man's in on time to get married, replaced by daughter - hush-hush! (2,3,4)
23 Morally, part of a hole in the face (4)
24 More recent name taken for vessel (4)
27 Come out slowly, or half-ounce egg starter will follow! (4)
28 "Fashion centre in setback" is a dissertation (6)
29 Cruel but right within a lake (6)
31 Potter's danger of being in one new figurehead? (2-3)
32 Nearly manage pen, lacking practice (5)
34 One shifting after a long time (4)
35 Good one in a foreign bird (4)
36 Ready for some games? (3)


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