Granite Crossword No.38
This is the special Christmas crossword - probably no more difficult than normal, but in a seasonal shape!
Feel free to print this off and do it in your own time.

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Colour of Freda (3)
Unit of measure with headers missing from HQ (5)
Tell the story - "Ran back, tear explodes" (7)
Employ in houses (3)
10 Note the Spanish fish (3)
11 Pins back trim (4)
12 Initially, Reds easily frustrate stupid officials (4)
14 Most of area comes back for a period of time (3)
15 Nasty stain material (5)
18 Time illness made Russian rulers (5)
21 Is unable to note worker (3'1)
22 Simplicity of drugs, we hear (4)
23 We extremely boss networks (4)
25 Melt? What? Ridiculous! (4)
27 Expression of contempt at strange tutu in Tango (twice) (3,3)
29 Virginia takes oil - there it is! (5)
30 A million - it yearns initially for cordiality (5)
32 Drink of well-known borough (9)
33 Commercial red vat used (6)
34 Moving slowly, for example taking in strange dig, not initially (6)
35 Sofa at 100 - that hurts! (5)
37 Musical form of tofu guests (5)


Fix about couple (6)
Having some resemblance to backwards intelligence measure containing South African Uranium (5)
The one being taught the beginnings of total and utter support (5)
Religious woman from Hebrew letter (3)
Turn away from sin in immature Pentagon (6)
Activate Accident & Emergency order (6)
Mischievous fairy below 3 kilohertz? (3)
11 Aseptic? Me? Could be where we exist (5-4)
13 Gas mincer produces yelling (9)
16 A brutal arrangement, with rows and columns? (7)
17 Brief moment in Laurel time (7)
19 Was in session on this day? (3)
20 Tree residue (3)
24 Vehicle wrecked a burn-out (8)
26 Headless Beckham is keen (4)
28 Icy, and hiding colour (4)
30 Consumed but underrated inside (3)
31 Mother duck initially is crazy (3)
35 Cook in church effigy (4)
36 Fog, almost a nut (4)


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