Granite Crossword No.37
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"Lawyer got naked without resistance." Is this initially right? (9)
Relative speed of Vera Tennyson? (4)
10 Making smooth guy nothing over in Germany twice (8)
11 New leader - total maniac! (6)
12 Disreputable family member doesn't have hospital in British (English) record (5,5)
16 Boy, yet head's a woman! (4)
17 Shelter in port entrance? (4)
19 Animal backs a load of shops (5)
20 Cover creature, flesh first (4)
22 Hits back for fight (4)
24 Brought in or inducted, perhaps (10)
26 A church in Gateshead causing pain (6)
27 Obstruct a bloke with CD, maybe (8)
30 Against a stake, we hear (4)
31 Employ in houses? (3)
32 Beach boy? (5)


Article on a b-b-band (4)
Haul up without soldier - very sad (6)
Bird one thousand and one, wife number one! (4)
Good man and a good animal (4)
Parading on new instrument (5,5)
Dry leaf initially in shrub which is more easily broken (8)
Incline to go without right fashion (5)
13 Boy not facing wind? (3)
14 Betraying trade in disease (10)
15 Precise claim (as due) (5)
18 Make a mistake if in twitch - great! (8)
21 Single, on top of everything (3)
23 Nut from dope Candy (5)
25 A French relative with daughter is cruel (6)
27 British always drink! (4)
28 Force out American in head office with Tory leader (4)
29 One of these with this will be sometime soon (4)


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