Granite Crossword No.36
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Worthless sailor with aeroplane going round Cuba (6)
Safe hospital member with the foreign ship (8)
Voting system taking toy for one who talks idly (8)
10 Slowly notice a soldier with nothing (6)
11 Reds' revival's making for harsh employers (5,7)
13 Reported part put in by handheld shelter (6)
15 Sailor quiet on fish (6)
18 Change crosspiece to be appearing three-dimensional (12)
21 A French daughter after official pay back (6)
22 Way out of my left overs initially, given back to knowledgeable person (8)
23 Con upset person out of a half-rial (8)
24 In chrome thy Lada's radical (6)


Celebration of funny, fat Elvis (8)
Unemotional woman returning with plenty! (6)
Gold, headless insect without soldiers' decoration (8)
Heard every street for ever (6)
Both sides in a rugby fabrication - a felony (8)
That man has control (almost) within this place (6)
List awfully with a little gap (4)
12 Fiddled pay centre missing with adroit footwork? (8)
14 Die, lying devastated and giving up (8)
16 Open land up pal - for fellow lodger (8)
17 Very quiet - look outside for hot stuff! (6)
18 Game of drink? (6)
19 I'm unfortunately bringing up meat (6)
20 Shakespeare's fruit? (4)


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