Granite Crossword No.35
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Lets out energy admitted after concerning officials (8)
On returning love, set never-ending loop (5)
10 Money available for communist in Channel Islands at end of August (6)
11 Somehow, a golf brunette won't go away from your mind (13)
14 Let off former partner - you and me can enter church (6)
15 The French birng back the German's senior (5)
17 Minimum fifty seat change (5)
19 Plants diagrams? (5)
21 Draw a link? (3)
22 Join cat and hat, perhaps (6)
23 New 'Tee' car make (6)
26 English father without plant (3)
29 Journalist joins universal church after final hair cut (6)
31 Loud noise in equipment on horseback? (6)
32 Reported letter to be in debt (3)
33 Groups of workers take it easy, we hear (5)
36 Piercing a prompt timekeeper? (5)
38 One who gives party - no king (5)
40 Loudness of rodent surrounding hesitancy (6)
41 Weight, mass within girl - headless insects make statements (13)
44 Half clog always smart (6)
45 Way back after three-quarters retreats (5)
46 Ray Veedy's funny, without fail (5,3)


Last death of ancient city key (6)
Animal upstream? (4)
Organ follows right-back (4)
A number heard girl start reading without an end (7)
Creature for every returned slab (7)
Income (given a hundred) climbs (6)
Queen in goodbye, ignoring one, took in sufficient (8)
Left inside the following: a setback for runners, perhaps (8)
12 Work? It's nothing (repeat falsely) (7)
13 Minor player following headless artist (5)
16 The French half-term is no more (4)
18 Dodge headwear in direction (6)
19 Grand old you? (4)
20 Anticipate bit of latex pectorals (6)
24 Organs, and what a cockney does with them? (4)
25 A little European's young amphibian (7)
27 Reverse a foreign party (4)
28 Persuade prisoner-man (8)
29 Saw funny Disraeli losing one for England (8)
30 Play doctor with a mother (5)
34 Normal bird almost behind oustide (7)
35 Saw marry outside of a Middle Eastern church (7)
37 Focus recent adaption (6)
39 Hold out tress I wrecked (6)
42 Lots of human youngsters (4)
43 Is aware of reported organ (4)


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