Granite Crossword No.34
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Went faster than a new tour (new at first) (6)
Apart from one so dead, bad end will follow (8)
10 See 22 Down
11 Being English, books it years later (6)
12 I'm me - without a foreign resistant (6)
13 Unholiest hospital missing new boundaries (8)
15 Aims a spike south (7)
17 One church lad with energy is cooler (3,4)
20 Bugged immoral half-German journalist (8)
22 Hear animals without Republican country (6)
23 Less fearful rock is heard (6)
25 Coated "Dido's an egghead" in a frenzy (8)
26 A creature takes Reagan back - that's not typical! (8)
27 Draw without scoring new one left (twice) (3-3)


Mess up or change leaders (8)
Cherishing garnitures, perhaps (10)
Ask for one new life (in France) without Tory leader (6)
In good party, within a kilometre's realm (7)
Items adapted in fish over home (8)
Final hold out? (4)
Reportedly pound the French insect (6)
14 Rib decline might be astounding! (10)
16 A murder's shattered tympana (8)
18 Microorganisms pretend to be in a Brie spread (8)
19 I'd have English friend, in a perfect world (7)
21 Almost flow (after a short time) with a protozoon (6)
22/10 Innovative drug - no clue perhaps (6-8)
24 Fall or rise in key power (4)


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