Granite Crossword No.33
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Artist in front's colourful arc (7)
Blokes return with English sister goddess (7)
In hippo, lion might find disease (5)
10 Brief moment up in Andorra explosion - usually long and straight (5,4)
11 Carry upside-down creature and mother at Republican church (4-5)
12 Loft a two-timer one century (5)
13 Small, yet funny infection (4)
15 Might it amount to change? (8)
18 The East, without being torn asunder beneath the surface (8)
19 Must not initially point at journalist (4)
22 Surplus tax mixes with Queen (5)
24 Little creature would reportedly love you and me, and the French outside (9)
26 8 taps breaking food (9)
27 Cost of soft grain? (5)
28 Padre's servant showing chest! (7)
29 Uneven surface at first newspaper in 7 (7)


Overcharge Post Office in semi-riot (very loud) (3,3)
G.N. Elliott's novel improperly obtained (3-6)
Flower toilet in British motorway (5)
Crew's arm I adapted with offences in conflict (3,6)
City speed goddess? (5)
A new hotel taken by Matthew Short with a new cocktail (9)
KO'd after quiet call (5)
Entice journalist into Sun (nearly) and church (6)
14 I reportedly initially love trees' facial hair (9)
16 Ascot I see strangely keeping your drinks warm? (3,6)
17 6 balls (American) in Gateshead employing too much (9)
20 Thoroughly acquainted with 5 English reds, sort of (6)
21 Slippery eel in 7 vegetable (6)
23 "Annoy", as in "support" (5)
24 Conflict without drink - almost liquid (5)
25 Fickle person might hide outcast (5)


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