Granite Crossword No.31
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Sea creature of quiet lip at first, perhaps (6)
Miss Aunt Dotty waves (8)
Design car test one Friday (5)
10 Good MC to initially possess a deserted place (5,4)
11 Average man? (4)
12 Disgusting back of mule when it's lost head and tail (4)
13 We take A15 and give up (5)
15 I rent Rocky I with a lack of activity (7)
16 Neurologist hides money (4)
19 Opposed to a tin potty (4)
20 See 23
23/20 MP, or is Prescott Blair's head boy outside? (5,7)
24 A team's deer (4)
25 Shakespeare's shortened testament? (4)
27 Vicars hit new record keeper (9)
28 Prize for a hospital section? (5)
29 Wild glen made home (8)
30 Creatures arrived, then left on sunday (6)


Relating to meaning of prose man ticketed (8)
Red otter surprisingly came back (8)
Slight feeling of resentment if kept in by Mother and Father at first (4)
Take responsibility for combined body part (8,5)
Significant theory won't switch (10)
Pay nothing - I'm creating visual problem (6)
Submerged star-man? (6)
10 Chuck a girl in good time - one on big business? (13)
14 Don't move, and remain up? (5,5)
17 Guess I'm inland (8)
18 Takes in unsliced mess (8)
21 Sailor with dodgy road on ship (6)
22 Car turns up, taken by Oscar the French prophet (6)
26 Tale of heroes again (4)


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