Granite Crossword No.30
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How much you'll get for your money elsewhere - possible clue for a forest? (5,2,8)
Decadent iron over rough feet (6)
10 Aren't tea breaks for an animal? (8)
11 Unusually chilly at local building (4,4)
14 Base in chalk alignment (6)
17 See 3 Down
20 Excessive tray smashing in longing for what a young child might need (5,8)
23 Without question, destruction of Iraq's outside American country (6)
25 Making nomenclatures easily memorable, only needing initial characters, perhaps (8)
28 See 3 Down
29 Go back over her return as Hungarian leader (6)
30 Flag carriers for usual animals (without hesitation) (8-7)


Up on gold paper? Without a first idea! (2,4)
3/28/17A Lavishly airs overindulgence creating proverbial optimism (5,5,3,1,6,6)
Nothing for returning jewel with a letter (5)
The way cockney Heman communicates? (1-4)
Whistle and act up in ring (7)
A support taken _____ (5)
Tried to influence wig, agreed organisation (9)
12 Hazardous hospital in the open? (5)
13 I have entered both sides of organ (5)
15 Hitting an unreturnable account in Germany (5)
16 Skipper crashes without a hundred holders for smokers (9)
17 Build a nest for stakes (5)
18 Rule Niger again (5)
19 Saying I'm without Princess at beginning of October (5)
21 Reach at mutated part of body (7)
22 Rub up outside one good southern part of California (3,3)
24 Rotated about right turn down (5)
25 Firm use dampeners to hide thought (5)
26 English queen that is strange (5)
27 Different mums avoid M&S (5)


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