Granite Crossword No.2
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Plant made from mushy merchant? (13)
Stated that the innings was finished early? (8)
Curved shape inside parchment (4)
10 Sea creature throws half-terror (7)
12 Let in short advert, before Timothy comes back (5)
14 Things fill completely (5)
16 Usage as new meat product (7)
19 Ascend headless member (4)
20 Learned people cross Hal, stupidly (8)
22 Foolishly rented a marine sea (13)


Quiet old English footwear (4)
Ely's 200 new vehicles (6)
Rare rib creates obstacle (7)
Examine den (5)
Forceful request of French man died (6)
Queen's at centre court, on account of ruler making an animal noise (8)
11 Describes briefly, not in rows (8)
13 Dads far outside the heart of Essex (7)
15 Material fabulous Richard reported (6)
17 Alternative lent is dumb (6)
18 Possession as fixed (5)
21 Wander or return Assembly Member (4)


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