Granite Crossword No.29
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Bounty for returning drawer? (6)
Temper of French rat in brief moment with ecstacy (8)
Prescott arranged shields (8)
10 Written message in scarlet terrain (6)
11 Not new - made out of date (3-9)
13 Heroic tale in books again (4)
14 End prisoner, clued ambiguously (8)
17 Iron Saint I left without Virginia celebration (8)
18 No, a French word type (4)
20 AUT's pre-term disorganisation, without initially easing amounts of heat (12)
23 Land mass I defame without hesitation (6)
24 Works Peseta or otherwise (8)
25 Equivalent words for my return in second year? No, first of November - safety first (8)
26 Bert went yonder, containing number (6)


Mistakes, or missing strays (4)
Spaceman at Saturn explosion, with nothing inside (9)
Time period of French advert in church (6)
Endless clumsy, antisocial, unusual errors (15)
Do greeting, North-South, without record sea creatures (8)
Relative size of a team leader in Rio (5)
Great monster due out of order (10)
12 Vehicle with slippery eels - cunning and without caution (10)
15 Painting country's cloak (9)
16 Regularly common (8)
19 Pressing? You are reportedly a man! (6)
21 Quiet instrument (5)
22 Held strange desktop without DOS (4)


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