Granite Crossword No.28
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Kick 17 ac (4)
Lured decent lunatic to take Iodine (7)
You old penthouse dweller! (4)
Head start in gloomy 17 ac (6)
12 In North, queen is central (5)
13 Discovery reportedly punished (4)
14 Drumming could be supersonic? (10)
15 Attached good light around centre court (5)
17 Put nothing in animal vessel (4)
19 Ponytail belonging to us, but not mine! (5)
20 One-dimensional missing a 17ac (5)
21 Vehicle taking very loud polishes (5)
25 Humble? Me? Heartless elk! (4)
27 A merest error producing a 17ac (7)
28 Attractive share of profits for middlemen (4)
29 Sebastian takes in a named 17ac (5)
30 17ac each way? (5)
32 Capture in humane trap (3)
33 Grotesque thong outside university for nothing! (6)
34 Pad excavations (4)


High pitched, quiet and small channel (6)
Dessert, led astray by little pool (6)
Pull 17ac (3)
Try this mixture - it's dry (7)
Carry on Connie, you French drunk! (8)
Band with no light? (8)
10 Sleep mid-morning with a political leader (3)
11 Poor Cynthia missing in 17ac (5)
15 Tree hiding amongst legumes (3)
16 Relative loses a free... (5)
17 ...17ac from "Club Argentina" (5)
18 Music for your photos? (5)
22 17ac cook without hesitation (5)
23 Hit deck as mass disintegrates (7)
24 Trying times in middle-age without drugs (7)
26 That woman takes a weekend to tremble (5)
27 Almost frown for 17ac (4)
31 Tree has transformation (3)


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