Granite Crossword No.27
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Wood in East - I'm berserk! (6)
Consume American and French outside (3)
10 Headless food joints (4)
11 Fortify street with (non-English) green arrangement and the North (10)
12 English youth leader (editor) looked at... (4)
13 ...vehicle, domesticated animal and rug (6)
16 Stage of shoes? (8)
17 In controls, mother stays (7)
18 Don't employ so many - it's not helpful! (7)
22 Role left in ice for tiny thing (8)
25 Placing new inlay, graphic initially (6)
26 Greeting books clue (4)
27 Rehearsing Public Relations on stage outside Channel Islands (10)
30 Facts in Foreign Office (4)
31 Finish in French Delta (3)
32 Weights of big cats? (6)


List the Italian in famous race (4)
Competent in parables (4)
Scare ref with thing (unusual) (8)
Physical Education making harps, maybe (7)
Part of poem (Laurel) with heartless Zambia (6)
Cruel fly he served up in an upbeat manner (10)
Seem a quiet fruit (6)
14 Reverence alternatively, they say (3)
15 Pliant Nato arrange where you might see crops (10)
19 Answer: move linos out (8)
20 Daily Star? (3)
21 Requirements of French man - does heartlessly (7)
23 Foreigners lie in half-answer (6)
24 Metal pig? (6)
28 Shape one hundred and one (4)
29 Require in one edition (4)


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