Granite Crossword No.26
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Think about conk out (6)
Suggested support dose ordered (8)
Stunned a mother with final letter (6)
10 Mighty, pure wolf construction (8)
12 Partners American prohibition in hard day's... (8)
13 ...night, initially - listener by close (6)
15 Extremely sluggish Old English footwear (4)
16 Gave food without the grin - surprisingly caused fear! (10)
19 New cosmos - I'm in charge! (10)
20 Not fixed about iron outside (4)
23 An easy ending - no turning back for engineer (no particular person) (6)
25 Looked for carefree spill outside (8)
27 Tranquil gym expert with nasty flu (8)
28 Energy in the one who looks after vocation (6)
29 Calamity Jane's second in Sir Ted's shift (8)
30 Manly, but without much weight (6)


Arrives at (with hesitation) back pains (7)
Teaching place of schoolmaster without the changes (9)
A new prose without drama (of the musical kind) (6)
Origin of kangaroo trail (4)
Gives postscript delivered again inside (8)
A ref's mistake is less risky! (5)
Held up play which doesn't start act outside (7)
11 Speech of commercial doctor with headlessness (7)
14 Snubbed when redoing trouble (7)
17 Throw awfully in home direction (9)
18 Innovators food on listeners, reportedly (8)
19 Did another circuit after crowd initially applauded (7)
21 Old 'arboured early in speech (7)
22 Island without a produce (6)
24 Affirmative without a king for a long time (5)
26 Creature in emu leadership (4)


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