Granite Crossword No.25
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Saturations in 10 places, reportedly (11)
Take action against woman (3)
Amusing funnyman (5)
10 Surprisingly re-enlists those hearing a radio programme (9)
11 Meddle in the heartless referee, missing a couple of Egyptian leaders (9)
12 Even floor (5)
13 Foes see me in trouble (7)
15 Refuse of French New York (4)
18 Account about unit of area (4)
20 Fix the others mineral (7)
23 Sound on return is echo (5)
24 Odd Essex vice is over the top (9)
26 Helper organised satanists (9)
27 Fruit oil disturbed - very English (5)
28 Bind in the nineties (3)
29 Communities of strange nettle stems (11)


Leaning incorporated in LED outside (8)
Fruit to mother extremities (8)
French resort river is more pleasant (5)
I will half-need ship disease (7)
Alternatively move Diane outside street (7)
Single LP's arranged for the organisations of letters (9)
Arm of garment in aisle, even... (6) I hid in Ely without difficulty (6)
14 Goes up in wrinkles (9)
16 Place returns? No - it is operation (8)
17 Officials about - free sulphur outside England (8)
19 Graceful and a gentle organisation (7)
20 Channel Islands Tango in real performance (7)
21 Supporter in broken tin baby (6)
22 Time with offspring for type of paper (6)
25 Violent weather in West or Midlands (5)


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