Granite Crossword No.23
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Rule is complete before roller-coaster, say (8)
Disorder as mother receives the endless... (6)
10 ...goodbye - say final goodbye in gold? (5)
11 Rut makes court insure building (9)
12 I married male journalist, I consumed instant (9)
13 Colour I'd repeated (5)
14 Alien singer who makes an impression? (6)
15 Rum is taken from collapsing Portsmouth, the special place (3-4)
18 Yield copper back and forth inside southern doctor (7)
20 Shellfish break lock in church (6)
22 Famous chef returned and was ill (5)
24 Food destroyed Mister Bearhug (9)
25 Do court King in a lake, to do with teaching (9)
26 Ali leaves Colombia, perhaps for musical group (5)
27 Live and die awkwardly after half consequence (6)
28 Unambiguous version of windows arouse outside (8)


Acid is in box, Alice (6)
Puzzling one in magnetic disruption (9)
He surrounded old development, crooked (5-10)
Aspired to become hopeless state (7)
Old city within south-east city, reportedly advise peacekeepers (8,7)
Animal who undid its insides? (5)
Story of an English recording of books by Ernest initially (8)
19 tree in mid-afternoon? On the contrary! (6)
16 Funny, myopic gal having lots of mates (9)
17 Is ruler without country a Briton, perhaps? (8)
19 Trailing welcome in curve (6)
20 Cole, MP: "new Times is intricate" (7)
21 Test score 0, at first test after mid-January (3,3)
23 Look at key American setting (5)


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