Granite Crossword No.22
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Move the oyster for area of maths (3,6)
Money managed football club outside (5)
A good console for woman (5)
10 Company without genuine middle class warning device (4,5)
11 Vanishing eastern engineer's money outside vehicle (10)
12 Note in home move (4)
14 Underground worker I'll bring back in company, with hesitation (7)
15 Directed Star Trek initially, then echo English colour (7)
17 Hold us in, Mark (7)
19 Church colour of waiting room (7)
20 Equal in numbers (American) (4)
22 Use rare Vulcan slang (10)
25 He's sinful, possibly not greedy (9)
26 Bring into correlation funny Anglican without tin (5)
27 Cathy moves vessel (5)
28 Give new order, right, listener managed good point (9)


Smooth turn in keep (5)
10 castles almost destroyed for feelers (9)
Agitated by clarity, she fabricated (10)
Rank of frozen stuff in father (7)
Frosty arrangement without Northern pants! (1-6)
Concern of French listener (4)
Aerospace loses god quickly (5)
Credit without new comrade with which to take videos (9)
13 Hardcase in silly seat (5,5)
14 Detailed analysis of 100 odd Tuesdays (4,5)
16 Instore bell, I only revolt (9)
18 Poorer river in control is returning (7)
19 Goddess crashes in yacht (7)
21 Add up in charge of sounds (5)
23 Wash of river in South England (5)
24 Storyline patch (4)


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