Granite Crossword No.20
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Be opposite French card (4)
Change pro-Estonia military actions (10)
Tool reps return with - Ann inside (7)
11 Advance money is put back in storehouse (7)
12 First in, one, it returns Aluminium (7)
13 Happens Conservatives belonging to us surrounding (6)
15 Let in commercial M1 toll initially (5)
16 First class prisoner's accomodation after former partner half enters (9)
18 Practices making Essex rice (9)
21 For second nice change (5)
23 Brought in listener, new editor (6)
25 First gap (7)
27 Creatures return slam in middle of May (7)
28 Adapted shingle language (7)
29 Party home is glass building (10)
30 Smile in long rinse (4)


Sad tin cafe moves and is intrigued (10)
Ruin mac, surprising part of skull (7)
A Princess enters returning or wireless (5)
Rebuilding clay pit is characteristic (7)
Notice strange Old English verbs (7)
Location is returning initially to England (4)
Sign up new tinsel (6)
10 Queen enters bread products for curlers (7)
14 Fortify odd gents (the Royal Navy) (10)
17 One lost in Tom Cruise's poor buyers (9)
19 Test probe (7)
20 Hold in company tin, an organisation (7)
21 Snow vehicle (second) left at border (6)
22 Louder? No! I rise erratically (7)
24 Place of music, or type of music (5)
26 Prohibit good loud noise (4)


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