Granite Crossword No.1
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1. Blokes type of music follows workforce
6. Ridges, one on hill
9. Efface headless girl
10. Diamonds noticeably inside
11. Nervous journalist, heartless man
13. Uncontrolled sell was dodgy
16. Language of East Haiti
17. Metal net makes a portable shield
18. Animal's on ship without extremities
19. Six entrants start to compete
20. Squander, say, part of the body
21. Ape reproduction
25. Doctor's international organisation, initially
26. Record or hear, surprisingly, excessive talking
28. Physicist returns in glum house
31. Bishop in container
32. Strange heels were in another place
33. False start or in favour
34. Cut short snippet
36. Quiet animal's condition
37. The love in America returning a coin
39. Hospital on the first of April, twice? It's a laugh!
40. Vernal Romeo and Juliet are out of new July Fourth
43. Aware of love? Not unusual
44. Nothing in flipping Sue's so bony!
45. Volcano cherry tree
46. Beam artist at day's end
47. Entreat quiet 46
48. Figure I swindle
49. Love the Italian healthy gusher


1. Sad fruit and veg, we hear
2. Dash in foreland
3. Amphibian's fresh before time
4. Little daggers love bottle opener - the Spanish one
5. Reportedly lightly touched a chest
6. Disgusting rat depot for dog or horse, say
7. A robber's freakish take in again
8. I'd one to come back to moron
12. Tale of 46 returning at the end of autumn
14. Charge the French (very heartless)
15. Understand Southeast England
22. Expressions of surprise at destruction of Soho
23. New word for penultimate wedding gift
24. Manual pose arranged experiencing a change of life
27. Hello, loud one and music player
29. Chance I'm becoming garage worker
30. Hackneyed, brewed hops put on
34. Headless, sharp and attractive
35. Church initially employs French cook
36. I, Josh, produce a screen
37. Appeal for help, get nothing in two seconds
38. Bird from Seoul?
40. Headless toy sent back twice to find another one
41. An enclosure of echo people
42. Roll up just over half a distance


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