Granite Crossword No.19
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Organisation (NHS) timetables restructuring (13)
Endless duct and princess of North America (8)
Be aware of cocktail at this time (4)
10 Disorganised maid communist looked up to (7)
12 Let in commercial return of Henman (5)
14 Happening in prevention (5)
16 Communication of dining-room era (7)
19 Apartment 21 (4)
20 Pepped up spider in translation (8)
22 Chances pour petitions out (13)


Land mass is returning in a note (4)
State "huh? why?" - drug reportedly (6)
Called for medical arrangement (7)
Employing you and me in German capital (5)
Emitted fumes, or maybe inhaled them? (6)
Savouring delight in England outside (8)
11 Sped back, confused love inside evolves (8)
13 Marine boys, of which there are four (7)
15 Vague idea, putting it back in midday (6)
17 Quiet! It's right inside garments (6)
18 Presents soldier's paper within (5)
21 Level 14 (almost) (4)


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