Granite Crossword No.18 (this crossword also appeared in Impact, the Bath Uni student paper)
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Talks second tops (6)
Least expensive ape in bureau (8)
Rum label - unusual hand-held shelter (8)
10 Convicted Graphical User Interface Lieutenant at end of July (6)
11 Commoner's nice, but left out (7)
12 Lack of difficulty of endless stand (4)
14 Return a little bit of information (4)
15 Oddly, say, duets - they come around once a week (8)
18 In addition, done after Rome moves (8)
19 Blinkers contain connection (4)
21 Snatch breaking rag - bad start (4)
23 Gents in trouble setting up home (7)
25 Get on with silly bat and his heart inside (6)
26 Reassembled tin deity - it's who you are! (8)
27 Depression is time saved initially, for those who look into your mouth (8)
28 Bell sound after commercial totting up (6)


Jam up without start returning animal (4)
An eloper, a new flying craft (9)
Ruler of a Muslim country is nearly dried fruit! (6)
Architects cars I mangled, for distinguishing features (15)
Perhaps the Genie can be served from here onwards (8)
A group of lions' satisfaction with what they've done? (5)
Hearty meeting (10)
13 Eva Balfour could be advantageous (10)
16 Well pleased act, holding illumination (9)
17 Level in ghost ship starts the latter parts of the day (8)
20 Deformed Iceman may appear on screen here (6)
22 Note most recent explosion (5)
24 Shock the heart of first uncle (4)


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