Granite Crossword No.17
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The letters round the outside, read clockwise starting from the top left, spell out the 19 of a well-known 18down.


Parties no longer with us? (4)
Queen - right or mistake? (5)
10 Ponytail each, without first course? Indeed! (4)
11 Attack a ship with a one-liner initially (6)
12 Competent first murder victim, reportedly (4)
13 Home in Vine Street (4)
14 Go back about monster (4)
16 Record one Conservative system of reasoning (5)
18 "Home"boy? (5)
20 32AD inside communication device (5)
21 No church without time for indentation (5)
22 Gave out 500 late slips (5)
23 Spooky - that is always first (5)
25 Garment of impresario (4)
26 Try the heartless street (4)
28 Witches laugh at good point (4)
30 Elicit laboratory shows up sea (6)
33 Ripped to shreds (without quiet daughters) (4)
34 State I had up for nothing (5)
35 Empty look after "I'm up for drink" (4)


Isn't broken, but lacking never-ending pans (4)
House without a good deference (6)
Shout, you old Limas! (4)
Doctor I have thrust (5)
Annoy 1 Kings (3)
New Monday generator (6)
Follow thanks with the Italian (4)
13 Called me in and remodelled (5)
15 Brilliance of an angry look? (5)
16 Books after the French gave temporarily (4)
17 Get dog batting first (5)
18 Gag, alright, in half of jeep (4)
19 Time animals return for kick-off (5)
24 I t-take action with Sikh leader's important matters (6)
25 Somber, funny melons (6)
27 Small fruit weapon (5)
29 Biblical character (cockney) has little moment inside (4)
30 Group of countries returning company pound (4)
31 I had the French doing nothing (4)
32 City's serious inclusion? (3)


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