Granite Crossword No.16 (the third Granite crossword to appear in Impact, the Bath uni student paper)
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Very old ant, strangely nice inside (7)
Jar takes into new caretaker (7)
Our temple moves crude oil (9)
10 Bad liars make tracks (5)
11 Country rock band comes back in artificial intelligence, half calm (7)
12 Game, lead into a tricky situation (7)
13 Most powerful street Ron, get about second (9)
15 Quiet in English glow (5)
17 Georgia, the French strong winds (5)
19 Picking the chosen in sin at midnight (9)
22 Unfurls United Nation bread products (7)
25 Come up to the outer boundary (7)
26 Instrument in tailor gang (5)
27 Corgis 'ere reproduce food (9)
28 Eternal don't stop so often? (7)
29 Lengthens former partner inclines (7)


Seems father comes back with some fruit (7)
Big Church animal, he'd intially rather aluminium (9)
Number one to me in reverse feeling (7)
Generates odd youngsters (9)
Leaps and bounds (5)
Edgy system? (7)
Reckon no good knight changes (5)
Book the substitute (7)
14 Pete Cole's new magnifier (9)
16 I'm it, at charged particle, fake (9)
17 Reportedly attach Seb's sugar (7)
18 License producing no sound (7)
20 Charlie, strange rector, right (7)
21 Gus, around English, south-southeast estimates (7)
23 Stiff radius I dig up (5)
24 Epic tales of South African gas (5)


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